UM Broadcasting Network owns and operates the following radio stations in Visayas and Mindanao

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Founded in 1949, UM Broadcasting Network (UMBN), is the pioneer in Mindanao. UMBN started with a 250-watt transmitter in Davao City.

UMBN uses HARRIS and BE Transmitters, JAMPRO Antenna, Orban OPTIMOD Audio Processors, Vault Express and other imported broadcast equipment from the US.

Its FM stations are formatted as Pop/Dance Music Station catering mostly to the CDE youth and young adult market. Its AM stations are formatted as News and Public Affairs station, serving the DE adult market.

UMBN employs 214 employees.

Today, UMBN operates eight FM stations and five AM stations in key cities in Mindanao and Visayas.

FM Stations
Call Letters FrequencyLocation
DXWT-FM 92.3 Mhz Davao City
DXRT-FM 99.1 Mhz General Santos City
DXWZ-FM 94.3 Mhz Cagayan de Oro City
DXIL-FM 103.1 Mhz Iligan City
DXBB-FM 98.5 Mhz Butan City
DXWB-FM 92.9 Mhz Valencia, Bukidnon
DYCD-FM 103.5 Mhz Cebu City
DYWT-FM 92.7 Mhz Bacolod City
AM Stations
Call Letters FrequencyLocation
DXUM-AM 819 Khz Davao City
DXDN-AM 936 Khz Tagum City
DXDS-AM 1161 Khz Digos City
DXCM-AM 1089 Khz Cotabato City
DXMV-AM 1134 Khz Valencia, Bukidnon